Tamigo Integration

When Monotree is integrated with Tamigo, the data flows from Tamigo to Monotree. Your employee details, departments, skills and shifts are all synced from your Tamigo platform into Monotree. When everything is set up and mapped, ensure that your users are in the correct departments and are assigned the correct skills in Tamigo and Monotree will sync the data, no double-entry bookkeeping

Connection Setup

1. Log in to your Tamigo admin account from a browser.

2. In Tamigo go to Configuration → Web Services (API).

3. Write Monotree under 'Application Name' and click Create key

4. The Token is now authorized. Copy the Token and send it to support@monotree.dk

Mapping departments and professions

Once the integration is set up all your employees from Tamigo will appear under Users in Monotree. You now need to map departments and professions.


1. Log into Monotree and go to Groups.

2. Press Edit under the department you wish to map to Tamigo.

3. Your Tamigo departments now appears under External Departments. Choose the department you want to map and click Save Department:

4. Mapping is now done. Users from each department in Tamigo will now be synchronised automatically into the department in Monotree.


Mapping the professions is the exact same procedure as departments. Professions in Monotree can be mapped to Skills in Tamigo.

1. When you edit a profession in Monotree your Skills from Tamigo will appear as External Profession

2. You can connect several skills from Tamigo into one profession in Monotree. Just select two or more External Professions and click Save Profession.


No mapping needed. Shifts are synchronised automatically from Tamigo to Monotree. Shifts will now appear for each user in the Monotree Calendar.



The data only flows from Tamigo into Monotree. Creating a User in Monotree will not create the user in Tamigo. Data is synchronised every 15 minutes.

If you have any trouble installing the app, please don't hesitate to contact us at support@monotree.dk.

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